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Expectations when joining Prince Hall (paperback)

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For anyone considering joining the Prince Hall family, this book is a must.  Set your sights and expectations properly before you embark on the Masonic journey.  The rewards are great for those who dedicate their time, talent and treasure to improving themselves in the light of a Masonic family. Becoming a Mason is to personally carry the legacy and future of the organization. Do this with at least some expectation for the meaning of the decision you are about to make.

Masons do not solicit members, but if you are a member of the craft and someone approaches you about membership, share this book. If you know enough about the requesting individual, and if they know enough about the expectations of the organization, then a powerful match between a man and organization can be made.

For Class Deans and Lodge education speakers, may you find topics of discussion, to reinforce and present ideas of commitment, sacrifice, advancing the public good, managing self and supporting the community.